Janesa's Rouge Gyration, Gyro completed his NAJ obedience title Saturday Jan 22, 2005

Janesa's Duchess Of York, "Fergie" went WB and won her first 2 points Friday January 7, 2005 at Columbiana County Kennel Club under judge Robert Moore

Janesa's Don't Kiss and Tell, Teller" won his third major win 12-9-04 at the Lorain Kennel Club show in Cleveland Ohio under judge Daniel Augustus. 

Janesa's Don't Kiss And Tell "Teller",won a second 4 point major in Syracuse NY under judge Michael Dachel November 14 at the Central NY Kennel Club show. 

Janesa's Don't Kiss And Tell "Teller",won a 4 point major under knowledgeable judge Jackie Rayner at Priceville, 11-4-04

Janesa's Don't Kiss And Tell "Teller",won his first point October 3, 2004 at the Beaver County Kennel Club in Aliquippa Pennsylvania under Judge Peggy Hauck.  

Janesa's Tag You Are It, "Tag" finished his Championship 9-12-04, going WD/BW for 2 points under Beverly Lehnig in Weston WV at the Greater Clarksburg WV KC Inc show

"Keeper" Janesa's Block The Quaffle, won her third three point major on Sunday at the Clermont County Kennel Club show under Judge Ken Falconi.  She needs four singles to finish

August 22, Janesa's Tag You Are It aka Tag took WD/BOW for his second 3 pt major at the Western Reserve Kennel Club show in Berea, Ohio under respected judge Michael Canalizo

July 23-24 Janesa's For Lynne's Sake, Lyndy wins back-to-back majors at Biloxi.  Lyndy needs 4 singles to finish

30 May, 2004 Janesa's Applause Please, Bravo, completed his AKC Championship, going Best of Winners at Gray Summit under Judge Sandra Esporite.  Yea Bravo!

May 14-15, 2004 Janesa's Applause Please, Bravo took back-to-back 4 point major wins at Biloxi Ms under Judge Thomas Daniels and Judge Carl Yochum

February 28-29, 2004 Janesa's Don't You Wish takes back to back Major wins at Pensecola to finish her Championship with a total of three majors.  Thanks to judges Suzanne Dillon, Keke Kahn and  Judy Doniere for recognizing the quality in this lovely black and tan bitch.

February 7. 2004 Janesa's The Golden Snitch, Seeker takes a 5 point major at Indianapolis under Judge Charlotte McGowan to finish her Championship.  Go Seeker!

Flash: Janesa's By George  finishes his Championship October 19th, 2003, at the Huntington Kennel Club under Judge Mrs. Lucretia P. Dye

August 30. 2003 Wishes takes a 4 point major at Monroe.  Thanks to judge Suzanne Dillin

July 24-27 2003 - Janesa's Don't You Wish, "Wishes" is Best of Breed at Biloxi three days out of four 

Janesa's Just In Time, "Justin" finished his Championship July 26, 2003 at Lackawana KC.  Thanks to Marge Conway and Camilla Knight for showing this beautiful boy

Wanda, Janesa's Cast a Spell, finished her AKC Championship at Echo Hills KC, June 14, 2003.  Thanks to Carol Leemhuis for showing Wanda