Janesa Working Dogs

Janesa's Rogue Gyration NA NAJ


Owned by Mary Kay Parrish, Handled by Calvin Parrish

Left to right:

UUD Mar-Vic's Stuff'd Black Bear UDX RA NA NAJ HOF GC CGC TDInc

UCDX Janesa's Tiffany Is An Angel UD RE NA NAJ HOF CGC TDInc

Johnstoys Friday Jam Session CDX RN CGC TDInc

and owner Pom-Pom the Clown, Barbara McClatchey

Sundown's Peekaboo At Janesa


Breeder: Camilla Knight    Owner: Jerrie Freia    Handler: MaryKay Parrish

photo by Tien Tran

Janesa's Affair to Remember


Begining Obedience

Owned and handled by Pam Neely and Cindy Buckman

Sundown N Janesa's Chance Event NA NAJ


6 perfect 100's in agility

bred by Camilla Knight and Jerrie Freia Handled by Mary Kay Parrish

photo by Tien Tran

Sundown's Regina Elizabeth  NJP  "Regina"

Breeder: Camilla Knight & Jerrie Freia

Owner: Jan & George Smith

Sundown's Susana Elizabeth


Breeder: Camilla Knight & Jerrie Freia

Owner: Janice & George Smith


Janesa's Southland Tanner CD

Owned and handled by Jerrie Freia